What to Expect

Checking out Churches?

If you are checking out churches and thinking about visiting the fellowship at Calvary Chapel North Country, come check us out.  We welcome you!

What Type of Church is Calvary Chapel?

At Calvary Chapel, we are a non-denominational church; we feel that it is our responsibility to create an atmosphere where everyone feels they are a part of God’s family. We want you to be able to experience heartfelt worship, encouraging messages, and friendly people. We are a community of Jesus followers who follow the Way seeking to mature in God’s love through applying His Word to our lives. We teach the Bible simply verse by verse, chapter by chapter, Genesis to Revelation so we can see God’s Word in context of why it was written and how we can apply it to our daily lives.

It’s not just about going to church – It’s about being a church.

What is a Sunday Service Like?

All of the services at Calvary Chapel center on teaching the Bible, fellowship, worship and prayer based on the Book of Acts, chapter 2:42. 

Because we study God’s word you can expect to be spoken to by the Lord.
 Because we fellowship you can expect to be encouraged through God’s people.
 Because we worship you can expect to sense the presence of the Lord. Because we pray you can expect God to be at work in your life.

Each gathering begins with worshipping the Lord through singing, followed by a teaching from the Bible that lasts around 45 minutes.
 There is an opportunity to worship the Lord through the giving of tithes and offerings with an offering box at the entrance of the sanctuary on the information table, which is joyfully between you and the Lord.

How do I get Involved?

In addition to our Sunday services, we encourage all our members to get connected through a host of different activities throughout the week. It is during these kinds of activities where strong friendships are created and the church becomes close family.

What is available for Children?

We know that as a parent you need to be sure that your children are in a safe learning environment and that your children are looking for a fun place to learn and connect with God. At our Sunday gatherings, we offer children’s ministry for Infants through age 11. Your children will have a blast learning the Bible and making new friends.

What About Giving?

Please do not feel obligated to participate in the tithes and offerings. The tithes and offerings are for regular attendees who consider Calvary Chapel their home church. Those that desire to worship and give back to the Lord can simply put their tithes or offerings in the offering box located at the entrance of the sanctuary on the information table. Secure online giving is also available.

What about Communion?

The first Sunday of each month we take Communion together. We believe Communion is for the believer only. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and would like to come to the remembrance table of the Lord with us, we would love for you to join.

What Should I Wear?

We believe that God is more interested in your heart then He is in your dress. Therefore we would love for you to come just as you are.